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Ramzi Chadly Nabli

AI Solutions, Let's talk about it.

We talked about Digital Solutions in the first quarter and the utility of Big Data in its use and about Artificial Intelligence and the progressiveness that comes with its fast pace evolution while companies are more and more aware of it, so it's about time we focus on the merge of both of these tools and engage into the main subject which is, AI Solutions .We will be setting a clear definition of IT, Introducing the methods of implementing IT and finally exposing the advantages that IT produces.

Digital Solution

1. Definition of AI Solutions :

  • - The business of personalized Automation.
  • - It is the business of personalized automation in a digital marketing aspect.
  • - All tools that help with personalizing a business by using Big Data on targeted audiences with the use of Artificial intelligence in a digital marketing aspect.

  • We define the first one as a slogan, the second as a clarification of the slogan and the last one as the definition.
    For AI Solutions are the technological part of the new era of marketing and consists of everything done outside manual inputs of any kind.

    The importance of AI Solutions for Business :

    AI will boost profitability by 38% and generate $14 Trillion of additional revenue by 2035.

    61% of Marketers say ‘Artificial intelligence is the most important aspect of their data strategy’.

    83% of Early AI Adopters have already achieved substaintial (30%) or moderate (53%) economical benefit.

    2. Implementation Methods :

    It has become quite easy to integrate these solutions into any form of company there is, specially after the Rise in popularity of this sector and the, now, proven availablity in the variety of choice in IT companies. With the use of either plugins that get integrated into your well-known platforms and directly benefit from them or Get specialized dashboards from service providers and external sourcing to respond to certain business needs that you might need or just develop your own even if it doesn’t seem that easy.The final result is what we call a Dashboard in which you have access to and should look like this :

    Digital Solution Dashboard
    What are Dashboards ?

    Modern dashboards display key performance indicators (KPIs) and key risk indicators (KRIs), in related charts, maps and scorecards, in order to enable an enterprise to focus on the most important performance activities. The purpose of AI Solutions is to display information on a single screen in a clear manner in order to be understood by everyone. It is an application or a user interface that helps to measure the performance of the enterprise, understand the organizational units and the business processes. There are three types of dashboards: operational, tactical and strategic.

    Dashboard Pyramid

    3. Benefits of AI Solutions for a business :

  • 1. Efficiency and productivity gains
  • 2. Improved speed of business
  • 3. Efficiency and productivity gains
  • 4. New capabilities and business model expansion
  • 5. Better customer service
  • 6. Improved monitoring
  • 7. Real-time customer analytics
  • 8. Key performance indicators
  • 9. Better forecasting
  • 10. Enhanced visibility
  • AI for Business growth

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