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Ramzi Chadly Nabli

The “Digital” Problem has a very Digital Solution.

What we refer to as ‘problem’, in a purely digital aspect, is none other than the anonymity of users from a business perspective, they are: Chaotic, unpredictable, efficient with a strong opinion that is reinforced by the capacity of making their message loud and clear through all sorts of platforms.

So how do we deal with this from a company’s stand-point for a Digital Marketing purpose ?

Well, the answer has become pretty obvious : Artificial Intelligence. It is a competitive advantage, for now, and will be a straight up necessity as we unveil, each day, more about its capacity. The use of Artificial intelligence has progressively shown us that it will always succeed in what we fail at:

  • Delivering accurate Results
  • Understanding human behavior
  • Having an unlimited memory (Big Data)
  • Learning Frequency & Capacity (Machine-Learning)
  • Processing Mechanics

Artificial Intelligence Robot

And this is the main reason why early adopters of this technology will succeed. For any marketer outthere, the awareness of the new personalization trend made it quite clear that it is not just a “Trend” but rather a whole adaptation for the increase of the social standards that made it competitively unacceptable to stick with the basics we knew.

We are now facing a picky consumer with no sense of loyalty to a specific brand, a consumer that we have to understand

The Creation of Digital solutions utilizing Artificial Intelligence as a response to the problem:

Not every company has the ressources, capital, technology or knowledge that allows them to implement their own AI based solutions and thus, you might of seen multiple ads or service providers offering some type of AI driven marketing solution. Our duty relies on understanding what it actually is and adapting it into our current organizational strategy as organically as possible since it is currently being developed and further advanced, all we have to do is to follow the natural flow to assure a steady growth on a purely Digital scale.

Think of it this way !

Digital Solution

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