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Artificial Intelligence and Robots

It may be obvious, but Artificial Intelligence and robotics are two different disciplines. We surely can find robots that function without AI, but there are also robots that use Artificial Intelligence. In this article we will define Robotics, explain the difference between AI and robotics and mention some examples of Artificial Intelligence applied on robots.

What is Robotics

Robotics is the intersection of engineering, science and technology where machines, called robots, are built to achieve programmed duty without the interaction of a human-being.


What is a robot?

It’s the product of the robotics field. By programming it to handle monotonous tasks (like building cars for example) But now, since the evolvement, this field solved many tasks that used to be done by a human, like cleaning houses, and assisting to surgeries, Etc.. Still, we can not find a single robot that does all the work. Each robot has a job to offer and a problem to solve. Furthermore, each one has a level of autonomy, going from a one that needs to be supervised and controlled by the humans to fully-autonomous ones that don’t need any external interaction.

The difference between Artificial Intelligence and robotics

Robotics and AI are different thing. Beginning with AI, it’s where systems imitate human minds in order to learn, solve problems, as well as make decisions, without the need of humans interacion, and do not need to be programmed. To learn more about Artificial Intelligence, take a look at this article « Artificial Intelligence Trends ». However, as mentionned above, Robotics are programmed and created to perform a very determined tasks. These tasks can be related with ai but it’s not a necessity. Robots can function without the intervention of AI. But it can be very beneficial to robots in order to make them intelligent. Let’s take a look on some examples of AI applied to robotics

Examples of robotics using AI

The Robot Vaccum

The use of AI help robot navigate around the house in order to clean surfaces, and has the ability to see and hear when people are abscent thanks to a periscope camera.

Robotics in healthcare

Since robots don’t get tired it’s very beneficial to use them in healtcare field. To assist at surgeries and perform at operations and can be so steady during the operations. But they do not have the ability to do highly demanded activities like surgeries obviously. They can take care of lower skilled work and free up some time for professionals.

Robotics in healthcare

Robotic Delivery

These robots are conceptualized to carry items, navigate streets all by it self, and provide package delivery for consumers. They are equipped with sensors, Artificial Intelligence, as well as mapping systems in order to understand the road they’re taking and the location. We can also talk about the speed of these robots, they make local delivery faster and are more cost-efficient.

Humanoid Robots

Designed to interact with people, talk, share informations, and assist them in order to help them in retail stores. The robot talk in several languages, use emotion recognition AI to interpret human state of emotions for a better communication. It can for example end up the talk with a smile when a customer is happy by detecting joy emotion. This robot help people in stores; help them find products, sell, communicate, Etc..

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