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Zeineb Daly

How AI is reshaping Marketing

Artificial Intelligence transformed the way we all do businesses which engendered a new career path revolution. Businesses nowadays search for optimised Digital solutions in order to understand their customer’s state of mind; the way they think and react toward their content

That’s where the role of Artificial Intelligence Marketing comes in.
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What is AI Marketing?

AI Marketing is a method of exploiting Customer’s Data and AI tools to anticipate the customer’s next steps and offer Digital solutions that help businesses personalize the customer’s experience. It Uses:

  • Data Analysis
  • Generating Content
  • Media planning and Media buying
  • Automated decision making
  • Personalization

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Benefits of implementing AI in Marketing; they may have the form of quantifiable or none quantifiable points such us reduction of the risk, increasing revenue, satisfiedcustomers, etc...

1. Personalization for customers:

Predective analysis helps businesses concentrate on customer’s prefrences and make actions based on that Data. These actions will take the form of a relevent content that every user will have the feeling that it was destinated specially for him to respond to his specific needs or solvinghis problems .
That will lead to the improvement of customer retention. Digital Solutions are not only beneficial for users but also are a life saver for marketers since it represents an easy way for marketers to solvethe user’s problems.
Target marketing
2. AI help in content creating

The biggest challenge for marketers is content creation because of the effort and time they spend on generating content. AI is solving this problem and making it easy on marketeres. It can understand different forms of communication. Which means creating content that goes with your brand personality and resonating it with your audience. AI can also plan for your future content and distribute it in an optimal way through your communication channels.

3. Cost saving for a better ROI

Targeted Content is a lot less expensive and the power of AI will give you the best ways for an optimised ROI. AI will not only let you gain time, but will also minimize marketing costs, while staying in the personalization experience.

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