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Your digital marketing audit toolbox

In the case of considering a digital marketing audit, and you are aware of its importance, here is a toolbox that will accompany you through all the steps of your digital marketing audit. Of course, these tools won’t do the work for you, but surely, they will make this journey easier.

This article will be divided into two parts; at first, we will provide you with free tools then the paid ones.

The choice between free and paid tools depends on the budget and the size of your company. It is obvious that paid ones provide more features and insights. But free tools are often enough for beginnings.

Free tools:

1. For traffic and website insights

No one can deny the importance of having a website, but just having it, isn’t enough. It’s crucial to track it, with the help of these tools:

Google Analytics

• Google Analytics

Is one of the most powerful, robust, and sophisticated tools for monitoring traffic on your website. It becomes a must for any business wanting to expand and grow on the internet. It gives you insights into who are your website visitors, where they are coming from, and what they are looking for by showing you the pages they are spending the most of their time. It even can provide you with customized tips to improve your results. We highly recommend you this tool to succeed in your digital marketing audit.

Google Search Console

• Google Search Console

While google analytics is user-focused, google console is search engine oriented. It gives you insights that will help you to improve your presence and visibility on the search engine results page (SERPs).

You may be wondering, what tool to choose? Well, the answer is it depends! It is up to you to determine what to focus on depending on the factors that matter the most to the success of your website.

2. For keyword selection and review

We mentioned in the 3rd step of your digital marketing audit is that you must check your keywords, here are 2 free tools that will help you through this:

Google Keyword Planner

• Google Keyword Planner

It is completely free to use. It helps you to build a strong keyword list by generating new ideas and showing you the search volume and trending of keywords. Also, it gives you forecasts on the performance cost based on the average bids.


• Ubersuggest

Is a free chrome extension. It shows the monthly volume of searches of keywords and their cost per click (CPC). It gives keyword queries not only on Google but also on YouTube, Amazon, and other sites.

Ubersuggest is more accurate for content creation; it helps to formulate sentences out of search terms. On the other hand, google keyword planner is more accurate for PPC marketers (pay per click), since it provides a set of variants of keywords that have similar search intent.

3. For page speed calculation and troubleshooting

While checking your website performance, it’s important to check the page speed of your website. Because it affects the user perception, about 45% of users abandon the navigation in 3 seconds.

Google Pagespeed Insights

• Google Pagespeed Insights

It shows you scores and results for both desktop and mobile, through performance diagnostics. It also offers suggestions for improvement.


• GTmetrix

Other than measuring your page speed, this tool offers you a comprehensive analysis of the performance of your website.

The difference here is that GTmetrix is more likely customizable; you can test options, you just have to register. For example, you can select screen resolution, location, connection speed, etc.) Google Pagespeed insights doesn’t provide this option.

4. For a technical SEO audit


• Screamingfrog

This tool is a website crawler. It is a time and effort saver compared to manual crawling; it audits and extracts your website’s SEO issues. It can help you in finding broken links, errors, and redirects. It also analyses pages title and metadata. It crawls up to 500 URLs for free and an unlimited number in the paid version. And a lot of other features.

This analysis during your digital marketing audit is important; it helps you to detect your website issues so you can improve your onsite SEO.

Paid tools:

1. For brand sentiment analysis

It is important when running your digital marketing audit to keep an eye on your user experience by identifying what they like and dislike and analyzing their sentiments.


• Irukai

It is a Tunisian solution that analysis your customer’s emotions through their comments. It also compares it to your competitors.


• Awario

Is monitoring software that crawls webpages and APIs to help you learn about your client mentions.

2. For comprehensive SEO

We have mentioned quite a few times, the importance of analyzing your website performance while conducting a digital marketing audit. These tools will help you to audit in-depth your SEO.


• Ahrefs

It is a fully featured SEO software suite that can help you to analyze your SEO health. It also helps you to conduct research for Google, YouTube, and amazon keywords. And even it provides you with the most performing content on a given topic.


• SEMrush

It is also an SEO tool that helps you conduct your keyword research, analyze your competitors and optimize your google ads.

These two tools are head-to-head competitors; They, both, offer pretty much the same features. But we can say that SEMrush is more oriented to technical SEO analysis, while Ahrefs is more accurate for link building and chasing backlinks opportunities.

3. For analyzing competitors’ most profitable keywords

The analysis of your competition often opens your eyes to growth opportunities. Therefore, you might need these tools:


• SimilarWeb

It shows you scores and results for both desktop and mobile, through performance diagnostics. It also offers suggestions for improvement.


• Spyfu

This tool helps you to track your competitors. It even helps you to define your closest competing websites.

You should know that the tools that we mentioned, provide more features than what we introduced. But the goal of this article is to give you a glimpse of each tool; so that once you want to start your digital marketing audit you know what tools to use.

Of course, you’ll need in-depth info about each tool you’ll use. You can contact us to help you figure this out, and even throughout your whole digital marketing strategy.

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