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Web development allows companies to create functional web sites and web applications adapted to each activity or business using the most innovative technologies. Our experts support and advise you throughout the development process.


Web Development refers to creating and preserving a website or any other application that exists online. Our experts take this into consideration while developping DuetToData’s Artificial Intelligence Website.

However, our expert’s job is all about programming and coding wether it was static web pages, applications or even e-commerce websites and content management system(CMS).

To resume, it’s a whole process of building websites and apps for the Internet or even private networks that we refer to as Intranet.

To do so, our experts developped Irukai; DuetoData’s Artificial Intelligence Solution Check it out to have an idea on our experts added value.

As mentionned being a Web Development expert refers to programming, with different tools. These tools are also defined as programming Languages. The most common ones are:

  • - Html (Hypertext Markup Language)
  • - CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
  • - Programming
  • - JavaScript
  • - As well as frameworks; Angular, React ...

When we talk about Web development expertise it is necessary to mention the different Types; Let’s learn more about each one of these profiles.

Web development analysis

01- What is Front-End?

We can refer it to a front page, which is the visual appearance to the user in order to interact with it. We can also refer to Web developers as Web Designers. These experts are responsible on how the Digital product will look like. Check Out Due to Data’s Website to learn more about the quality of the appearnce of our Website.

02- What is Back-End?

Back-end Developers are responsible on how the website works. Further more, it’s the job that doesn’t appear to users. We can say it’s the back stage job. This icludes; hosting, database interactions, server, Etc.. To make things easier, a back end developer has to make sure of the functionality of the site, its load time speed and also its responsiveness.

03- What is a full stack Developer?

Someone who does both; Front and back-end development. An expert who wear double hats; who’s devoted to do both jobs we can say. Developing both client and server software, in order to; Program a browser( JavaScript,Angular..), a server( PHP, ASP, Python..) as well as database ( the use of SQL, SQLite..)


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