Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

We are in the digital era and it is essential for any company to reconsider its activities in a very digital way. Our experts help you implement digital into your strategy. They will accompany you throughout the whole process of creating your brand awareness.


Digital Marketers use different Digital channels in order to generate leads and build customer's awareness.

This can have the form of:

  • - Social media networks
  • - Web design
  • - UX/UI
  • - Search engines
  • - Email Marketing
  • - Ads
  • - Blogs
  • - Etc...
Digital Marketing experts

This is what we tend to do in Duetodata where our experts will provide you with the most effective combination of these channels according to your activity and your vision.

Digital Marketing - Content creation and SEO

For marketers, Content is considered king, which means that a lot of content needs to be created. The main goal is to create appealing and engaging content that sparks the interest of users to increase your website traffic, conversions, and interactions.

Content can take many forms:

  • - Blogs
  • - Videos
  • - E-books
  • - Tweets
  • - Infographics
  • - Etc..
Content marketing

Effective content not only helps you improve your brand awareness but also boosts your business search engine optimization (SEO) ranking.

Need help understanding SEO? We got your back, our experts will help you decide which content to create that is adapted to your business, and that will lead you to reach your target audience.

Our Artificial Intelligence solution Irukai can help you understand your customer's state of mind and emotion which will help you to evaluate your content.

Digital Marketing - UX/ UI

What does these terms actually mean? UX refers to «User Experience Design» and UI means «User Interface Design» These two terms work together. UX defines the interaction between a customer and a product or a service. It tends to satisfy all aspects that shape that experience. Our Experts who worked on the design of our Irukai solution which is based on Artificial Intelligence care a lot about the experience felt within users and how easy the flow of different tasks to users should be. In other terms; they focus on the experience with all its ups and downs. It has nothing to do with visuals; This is where comes the role of a UI Expert.

UX/ UI is so important for your brand image in order to facilitate the user's Experience and make sure that your content is adapted in a very simplified way for users to go through.

We boost businesses through content

Community Management

Community Management creates a multitude of opportunities, that's why every brand has to adapt itself with a community Manager. Being Experts in this field is so important in order to manage customer's complaints and that can help you turn up these customers into loyal ones. This needs soft skills and expertise to know how to turn prospects into customers of your brand while basing it all on content. If you ever have a problem with content creation whether it is in Social media or other devices, You can rely on our experts that wil help you scale up with its sophisticated forms of expertise as they adapted their work within Artificial Intelligence. Check out Irukai's Social Media Content to have an idea on what we do.

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