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Digitalisation of customer experience

As we're in the Digital era, people nowadays prefer Digital solutions since they are easier for their everyday life. That's why offering personalized experiences through Digital platforms generates opportunities for Businesses to respond to people's needs.

Digital Customer Experience

What is Digital Customer Experience (DCE)?

How to rethink Businesses in a Digital way and the way we use Digital solutions and tools for a personalized CE digitally.

Digital Customer Experience is the way your customer sees or considers your brand.
Furthermore; the perception of your brand through your customer’s eyes.

Examples of Digital Platforms that Businesses can focus on for a better CE:

  • Social Media; (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Etc..)
  • Websites
  • Mobile Applications
  • Blog Posts
  • Ebooks
  • Reviews
  • Etc..

Digital Marketing growth

DCE is not only about managing or mastering Digital platforms, Businesses should also take into consideration customer expectations in terms of personalization . However, customers look for a personalized journey that goes with their needs and desires.. That’s why businesses have to be aware of this and improve it. Companies that pay attention and work hard on the consumer journey always come out with amazing results.

The customer journey can be defined in three simple stages:

Customer journey

Businesses can use this journey to create opportunities through every stage, and this is by creating content that is adaptative to each stage. To do so, let’s begin with the first stage; which is the Awareness phase, marketers have to Attract customers by creating Digital content that goes with the problem experienced. Second; according to the Consideration Stage, a marketer is responsible for engaging customers by creating Digital Solutions to the problem. Finishing with the final stage of your customer which is the Decision stage, in this phase, marketers have to Delight their clients with content that answers on customer’s questions about your products or services.

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