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Combining AI with Marketing Automation

We talked about Artificial Intelligence trends and mentionned how it affected businesses in different fields in a very good way. Check out this article for more details Artificial Intelligence Trends.
In this article we will discuss; What is Marketing Automation (MA), The combination of AI and MA and how can this merge be beneficial for Businesses .

AI and Marketing automation

What is Marketing Automation

To make it simple, MA is about using technology to automate tasks on marketers that will ease the flow as well as tasks will be easier and become more efficient. Although, it help generating marketing strategies and compaigns at a time in order to offer a great customer journey which is the goal of any marketer. Marketing Compaigns are sent with deversified channels; E-mail, Social channels, Etc..

What is AI Marketing

To learn more about AI Marketing; Take a look on this article « How AI is Reshaping Marketing »

Combination of AI and Marketing Automation

Artificial Intelligence transformed the way we all do Businesses icluding Marketing. However, it plays a crucial function within Marketing Automation. Beginning with Content creation thanks to chatbots, the creation of your exact persona(s) became easier. Although, it help you generate leads easier, as well as a better User Experience which will lead to loyalty for your brand.. And other Digital Solutions that in the end will engender growth for your business. These are just some AI simplified ways marketers use in their strategy. Also, Collecting Data is one of the important tasks that should be done, However, it’s all about how to manage collected Data into pragmatic insights. The use of this Data help Marketing personalize offers for its customers.

How can this comobination be beneficial to your Bussiness

AI in content creation

It changed the way we perceive content. With the rise of Social networks it is more important to share content for that your target audience know you exist in the Digital platforms as it became the most important strategy that a Business should think about. If you want to know how to rethink Digitally go ahead and take a look at this article Rethink Businesses in a Digital way. To remain strong and be always updated some Businesses choose to meld AI in their Marketing strategies; It can help you collect, analyze Data of your customers to finally create content that is adaptative and pesonalized to your target audience.Content Creation can also be done automatically, How? With AI bots. As simple as that. Let us explain more this point; Autmatical Content can be done with or without human intervention. It can generate content with the use of Natural Language Processing by translating Data into eloquent content.

AI in content creation

AI and UX

User Experience is all about making sure of the experience the user is going through. It's all about offering the content that is a hundred percent adaptative to his anticipating. The use of chatbots is a good customer support channel that businesses can use to guarantee a well done experience with speed and precisions. Although, Chatbots can also be used as Data generator; by collecting customers Data through conversations done with them.

AI and user experience

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