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Artificial Emotional Intelligence

Understanding Emotions has been mastered by humans past all these years. Now it is time for machines to do the same and will no longer need the interaction of us humans in any task. In this Article we will discuss: What is Artificial Emotional Intelligence, How does it work, What is its potentials, What fields can take advantage of Emotion AI.

Artificial Emotional Intelligence

What is Artificial Emotional Intelligence?

As we can tell from its name, artificial emotional intelligence is a mix of emotions and AI.
It’s also called emotion AI or affective computing.
But How?
By the ability for machines or we can say computers to read emotions by analyzing Data, Counting the tone of voice, the gestures we use, the facial expressions, the verbal and the nonverbal speech and other expressions since people explicit emotions in various ways. This is what is called artificial emotional intelligence. It’s the ability of computers to understand humans which can lead to an interaction between these two sides in a very natural way as if two people are interacting.

How does it work?

Affective computing detect emotions through the mix of sensors, cameras, speech science, Machine Learning and deep Learning alogorithms. By the collection of Data and processing it to finally identify key emotions such us Fear, anger, as well as joy. Learn more about Irukai, our Digital Solution that will allow you to follow, analyze, and classify your client’s state of emotions through their opinion, comments Etc. to get better insights about your customer satisfaction.

The potential of affective computing

 Potential of affective computing

What Fields can take advantage of emotion AI?

There are lots of industries that use affective computing . Here are just few examples:


Healthcare is a field that seek for AI since its providing lots of benefits, That’s why it can take advantage of emotion AI to predict sudden attacks of illness or even predict people from depression before it happen. Thanks to this technology it is also recommended to communicate with autistic people


Customer Journey is an important task that a Marketer should pay attention on. However, When customer go through a positive experience with a brand, they are more likeky to become loyal and will also recommend this brand to others,which we can call it the word of mouth. But these customers could also go through a bad experience which will generate a bad buzz for this brand. Therefore if brands want to improve their customer journey it's primordial to use emotion AI to facilitate this task and guarantee a good experience.

Emotion AI and Marketing


AI can be an amazing tool to detect learning disabilities, it can also detect children's facial expressions and deduce if they are folloing the course or not. This can be used perfectly in online courses.

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