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Can Artificial Intelligence replace human intelligence ?

Artificial intelligence is the computerized imitation of Human Intelligence(HI). It is the method through which a robot or a computer accomplishes jobs that are normally performed by people owing to the need for human intellect.

AI may now be found everywhere and has become a part of our daily life. But, aside from becoming a part of our journey and assisting us in improving the efficiency of our tasks. It became closer to human intelligence by participating in discussions, displaying inventiveness, and even replicating people emotions.

AI technology

But the question is whether this technology can surpass its creator or not?

Let's start with HI : it's the mind's ability to learn from past experiences and adapt to new circumstances.

In brief, the human brain typically learns hundreds of distinct abilities during life. So, how can Artificial Intelligence replace us?

No matter how far Artificial Intelligence has progressed, it will never be able to replace HI. The most essential trait of human intelligence is our ability to think concerning ourselves and others and make judgments based not only on data but also on instinct, which is a major component of human connection.

It can help jobs become more efficient: It can assist to healthcare, offer personalized services with AI Marketing, can also be merged with IOT, and so on . To learn more on what Artificial intelligence can do, Check out this article: Artificial Intelligence Trends.

Artificial Intelligence Vs Human Intelligence

We have seeked to implant intelligence in machines in order to make our jobs easier. Bots, humanoids, robots, and digital people outperform or collaborate with humans in a variety of ways. These AI-driven apps outperform humans in terms of execution speed, operational ability, and accuracy, while also being extremely significant in repetitive and boring occupations. HI, on the other hand, is associated with flexible learning and experience.

AI technology

It does not always rely on pre-fed data, such as that necessary for AI. Human memory, computational capacity, and the human body as an entity may appear tiny in comparison to the hardware and software infrastructure of the machine. However, the depth and layers existing in our brains are significantly more intricate and clever, which robots will never ever be able to match, at least in the long term!

To summarize, AI can assist us improve our work efficiency, help businesses expand, and even support human jobs speed and succeed. However, humans cannot be replaced.

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